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Outsourcing grounds and estate maintenance

Traditionally large gardens and estates have employed a full time gardener to maintain the grounds of their large garden or estates. A suitably qualified individual can command a salary of £20-25000 per year depending on location, qualifications and experience. Combine this with the cost of necessary machinery and tools and that can easily reach the £30000 mark on an annual basis.

Employing the services of a well equipped contractor like T G Landscapes and Gardens could save you money by providing a comprehensive service with a diversity of skills to suit different applications for two thirds of the cost.

For example a two to three acre garden with a good balance of lawns and mixed borders would typically be maintainable for as little as £18000 per year with the added bonus of not having to worry about machinery servicing and replacement as that would all be included in the contract.

Another huge benefit is that instead of relying on just one gardener and their particular skill set you would potentially have the combined experience of an entire team. After all, one person simply cant do it all! Depending on what you need to achieve with your garden whether it be simple maintenance or a combination of maintenance and improvement you can select the member of the team or a combination which will be able to manage each type of work.

Working with a contractor greatly simplifies the administration compared with hiring a full time gardener. No PAYE & National Insurance payments to worry about. No holiday to pay and furthermore no worries of finding someone to cover during periods of absence. Just a bill to pay at the end of each month and thats it.

Gardening is a very seasonal occupation and a full time member of staff would require all year round employment normally whereas a tailored schedule would allow you to have more help when its needed and less when it is not.

With a team of 5 very different individuals T G Landscapes can establish a contract which suits each clients individual needs on a case by case basis. we can simply manage lawns, or borders and even waste management or put together bespoke annual plans to suit each individual garden. If you would like to know more then please contact us for a free initial consultation to see if our services would suit your needs. 

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